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Novated Lease

Purpose: A novated lease is used for employees who have the option of receiving a car as part of their salary package. The employer pays all rental payments to the financier on the employee’s behalf and the employee enjoys full use of the motor vehicle.

Term: The term of finance agreement can be from 1 - 5 years.

Novation: The employee then novates the lease to the employer, who assumes all the employee's rights and obligations under the lease, including responsibility of meeting the lease repayments, normally deducted as part of the employee's salary package.

Deposits: Deposits are not required. The full purchase price must be financed.

Ownership: The contract is in the name of the employee who remains the registered owner throughout the lease and keeps effective control of the vehicle at all times. If the employee leaves the company, the vehicle remains with the employee. In the situation generally the employee takes over the payments or gets another employer to make the payments.

Residual/Balloon: You must have a residual payment as the last payment of your finance agreement according to ATO Guidelines. This usually varies between 37% to 75% of the cost price of the vehicle. This amount usually represents the approximate value of the goods at the end of the lease. A residual payment allows for lower monthly payments and leaves you with more working capital to run your business. You may refinance this residual value at the end of the contract (depending on the finance company).

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