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Business Overdraft

Business Overdrafts are probably still the most common type of finance used by businesses. An overdraft is a line of credit attached to a cheque account which allows business to operate on a day-to-day basis. The use of an overdraft is referred to as "working capital". Overdrafts are charged at a variable rate of interest, with interest being calculated daily on the balance outstanding.

Essentially this facility offers:

  • reduced timing differences between payment of creditors and receipt of money from your debtors
  • the ability to pay interest only on the funds you use
  • a variable interest rate
  • fluctuating balance with no set repayments
  • access to your funds in a variety of ways including cheque, online or telephone banking

Sometimes collateral is needed for a business overdraft, however some financiers do not require it. While business overdrafts are great for freeing up your liquid capital, they're not necessarily recommended for long-term financing needs as the interest rates can be significantly higher.

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